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2 Responses

  1. lina says:

    I heard about this story, and it does jacks one jaw when something stupid like this has been published for the world to read.I think that an apology has been made, read it today on the news, but damaged has been done, so what now?
    Move on and read something else, well ain’t that something, Mike is out there trying to make up stories and don’t have all his facts straight and we just move on, hoping this doesn’t happen again, well it shouldn’t have happened in the first place!!! And is ESPN, having a good time trying to have a good rating or WHAT? I myself never clicked to that site, till yesterday, and I could have cared less before, but something like this that is about Guam ,I had to see for myself ,and I’m putting in my 2 cents, cause I myself was born and raised there, and now in San Antonio Texas, makes me ill to read something so messed up like the freelance writer boy wrote, yeah I said boy, cause only a boy would write a story like that….grow up boy, cause there’s more sports in Guam that people enjoy doing besides what you wrote, and I sure don’t know why you picked the Island of Guam when , Guam is a Territory of the United States, we are U.S. citizens,the last time I checked,or I’m I not?, and by the way, I’m the eight of the sixteen children my mom had… grew up poor,and if nana was here today and read your story, she’ll say to you hano adai yun la’kes hao!!!!!!! And I’m going to write it twice, cause it makes me feel good inside to repeat what an elder would say and makes more sense,cause in our Cultrue family values is important so here it is Mike, HANO ADAI YUN LA’KES HAO, dang that felt good.

  2. Cristina says:

    Since it was an article appearing on ESPN I’d think that a good journalist for ESPN would have focused on writing about sporting events or sport related activities on the island… His article was just a waste of space and they shouldn’t have even bothered putting that up. How could they have thought that the article was okay to post? I hope his sister stationed in Guam feels really stupid too. I hope he puts a lot more effort into writing an apology because he owes it to the people of Guam.

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