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Hello, Summer.

For me, summer officially starts with a visit to the Guam Liberation Carnival where I always buy myself a shave ice and bet $2 on red at one of the color games.

taste the rainbow shave ice

pay red pay red PAY RED

Last night I drove to Paseo to meet my friends at the carnival, only to find that it has been relocated to Tiyan this year. I was skeptical about the new location because I really dislike driving around Tiyan at night (I’m talking about the old DMV/GATE Theater side). The streets are dark, mostly unmarked and the road is just in terrible condition. I always fear I’m going to hit the mother of all potholes and break my car.

I’m glad (and very surprised) to say this year’s carnival is the most enjoyable I’ve experienced probably since it was at the old Yigo Amusement Park back in the 80s. It seems bigger, is better organized/laid out and I didn’t have any problem finding parking. My friends and I had a great time and we plan on going back before the summer ends. Anyway, I’ve got to win back the $2 I lost last night.

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