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Achieving Zen In 2010

Eliminating stress has been one of my major goals in 2010. Reducing stress has meant declining social engagements and freelance work, reducing clutter and spending, reducing my intake of social networking and current affairs (knowing what all my friends are doing at any given time of the day is actually a source of stress, especially when one of them is having a bad day and posts a slew of venting statuses or tweets), and making time for doing nothing of significance. It hasn’t been easy, but it is getting easier.
So far in 2010 I have not been down with sickness and have had but one minor migraine. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Oh, and I play FarmVille on Facebook. It is (surprisingly) a great stress reliever. FarmVille is my zen garden…except with, uh, cows and tractors and stuff.
Maybe now that I’m not so wound up I can pick up with this weblog again. 🙂
Hello, friends. How have you been? Let’s catch up.

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  1. brent says:

    welcome back! less stress is best.

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