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Happy Holidays And Stuff

I’ve been very busy with work and I haven’t had much time (or energy) for much else. I am definitely not complaining. With the economy being the way it is, very busy equals very good. I did a lot of shooting last week, both in studio and on location which is always fun but can be exhausting. My range went from shooting Hooters girls to shooting boxes of candy for an ad I designed for Circle K. I like candy. A lot.
I haven’t even started Christmas shopping, but I’m not worried or stressing out about it. My list is short, I’ve got it all planned out in my head, and I won’t even have to set foot in a shopping mall. Yay.
Things should calm down after the holidays and I’ll have more time and energy to post more frequently. I hope these last few days before Christmas are peaceful and relaxing for you.

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2 Responses

  1. gus says:

    i want the box in the middle.

  2. Brian J Que says:

    One of my favorite past times is putting 3-4 jujy fruits in my mouth, bite down hard, and pretend my jaw was wired shut.
    Yesshh yesshhh. Don’t laughssshh! it washhh shhooo fffssun!

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