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Guam Seizes Rare Moment in Political Spotlight

Here’s a video to counteract that ridiculous CNN “news report” on the Guam caucus.
“This year’s election means a lot to the people of Guam, historically 2nd class citizens in the United States.
Jim Lehrer’s Newshour on PBS featured a short streaming educational video clip worth your while if you’re interested in learning more about Guam and what this year’s election means to our people.” [via Thomas Angstrom]
Click here to watch the video on PBS.
Thanks, Thomas!!

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2 Responses

  1. Thomas Angstrom says:

    Don’t mention it Josie! I figure there is always two sides to every story and fortunately for PBS they did their homework and used good journalism vs. CNN’s shoddy yellow journalistic tactics which sought to do nothing more than pass along misinformation, sensationalism, and cut the story to make a bland sound bite.
    National media seems more often than not to measure a place by their geographical size but never the real issue about the people and why they choose to live there. As the old cliche goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ because you’ll never get the true sense of its worth.

  2. Lescentive says:

    great drop josie.. Thomas i agree with you… i will share your clip with all the boards i am a member of.. thanks for sharing..

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