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Guam Represented on American Idol 8

Congratulations to Joy James for making it to the top 50 at American Idol in Phoenix! I’m not an American Idol follower, but I watched last night’s episode because I heard she was going to be on. They didn’t show her actual audition but I caught a couple of glimpses of her and was very proud to see a Guam face on a national network show.

“James, whose audition aired on Fox’s popular reality show last night, said she was proud to have had a chance to represent Guam in the talent competition.
“The producers and the judges … all knew me as ‘the girl from Guam,'” she said. “All I wanted to do was tell the world that Guam is amazing and remind them to keep an eye out for us (because) our island is full of gifted, talented and amazing musicians and singers.”

I’m very very excited for her! I think it’s just so fantastic when someone knows what they want and they go for it, even if it means stepping (way) out of your comfort zone and traveling far away from home for a chance at greatness. Good luck, Joy!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Unfortunately Joy didn’t make it past Simon, Paula Randy and the new judge… Apparently there are 3 stages of auditions before you get to the 4 Super Judges. I’ve seen her sing every Sunday at church. She’s got a great voice and stage presence.
    I guess sometimes Simon knows and then again… sometimes Simon doesn’t.

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