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One Step Away From Financial Independence

Husband and I had an excellent 4th of July evening at our friends Joe & Gina’s fabulous new pad up on Nimitz Hill. Great food, great view of the so-so fireworks, excellent company. My favorite part of the night was sitting around the table and scaring each other with our personal ghost stories. I didn’t really have any to tell, but I got the chills more than once listening to Sally and Eric. Good times.
Oh and the dj formerly known as E-man is now a financial advisor. Last night he told me what I need to do in order to be able to quit my day job for good.
So would anyone like to lend me a hundred grand…I mean INVEST in a great plan? I accept Paypal!

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13 Responses

  1. Haji says:

    I’m all ears…..

  2. vincenzo says:

    if it entails anything to do with your website, count me in

  3. mona says:

    I only have a hundred grand in the form of a candy bar. And I have big plans for it!

  4. JJ J says:

    Hello, My family and I am new here, and are looking forward to coming to Guam for a few years starting in January.
    Any words of wisdom?

  5. Brother says:

    Bring sun block.

  6. DestinationGuam says:

    Duly noted…Thanks!

  7. Annalynn says:

    To JJJ:
    Watch people’s faces carefully when asking for directions, we use our eyebrows as directional markers.
    AirCon means “air conditioning”

  8. carolyn says:

    wait. so chamorros use their eyebrows to point? filipinos use their lips. sweet.
    JJJ, huh? hilarious. go take pix of the car dealerships. you’ll love it.
    also, enjoy the brownness while you can. i miss it. 🙂

  9. DestinationGuam says:

    I can see this is going to be a fun 3 years. I was raised in Southern Calif…I love in Florida now…So I am a sun lover… We are very excited about moving there!
    Is the University of Guam a good school? I have two in College…They may want to come along and finish college there…
    another one in Med School…
    …and a one and two year old (long story).

  10. Josie says:

    JJJ, you might find the comments on this entry of interest.

  11. Haji says:

    So, I guess it comes to this: if one were to “invest” in you 100 Gs, what would be the return, Josie?
    Banks will give me 3 to 5% on my buck, smart investing could render a lot more: what could you deliver? And in how long?
    I’m sure your friend/adviser could help, and I’d like to hear the ideas….
    Make it real!!

  12. trench says:

    Im glad Eric is still working the same job. Good stuff. He keeps tryin to get me to sit down to help me with my finances. I need to take up on that offer.

  13. vanilla ice says:

    5% that’s outrageous! nobody offers 5%!! it only looks like 5%(5.8 someplaces) on a 60 month note, but you forget that they don’t compound intrest. plainly, you get reamed at the bank. why not just get some t-bills? i know of a local reit on guam that gaurantees 8% per anum. they have a very good record…
    let’s not forget capital gains, kiss 20% of your intrest away on a long term note. such sweet sorrow…
    i met some advisors and most are used car salesmen some of these guys don’t know, their head from their asz. but i’m sure eric is very good:-)
    fyi, most 50yo’s have less than 2,500 in savings!!
    caveat emptor, mick pexa is excelent. he is at pac financial.
    seriously people, don’t take financial advice from this blog or any blog, go see somebody… and listen to bob brinker on k57.
    in my book it’s akin to diagnosing yourself with cancer after feeling yourself up… not very smart.

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