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Girls Are From Venus, Boys Are From Planet Jackass

“How was your weekend?”
“It was ok. Last night my friend and I were bored so we started shooting eachother with a pellet gun. I told my friend to draw a smiley face on my side with the pellet gun marks but after the second shot I couldn’t take it anymore.”
“Now that’s something you’ll never hear a GIRL say.”

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3 Responses

  1. Brian J Que says:

    Ouch. But he is a little weak… it took me at least 5 shots before giving up.

  2. Patrick says:

    This has Roel written all over it.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.
    He almost killed Ricky Bordallo on a photo shoot.
    He almost lit Jimmy Dee on fire.
    He almost dropped HOT/LIVE photo lights onto a swimming pool full of beautiful models and
    I was in his truck when he got into an accident (heavy duty bumper was found down the street).
    Ask him about all these things. They are all true.
    Roel… Nice man… Great friend… Nine lives.

  3. Josie says:

    It does sound a lot like Roel, but it isn’t! lol
    It’s someone I work with.

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