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GÃ¥dao’s Cave

I feel it’s irresponsible and disrespectful for Guam guides (websites) to tell people to jump over a chain that is clearly marked “Private Property” in order to get to GÃ¥dao’s Cave. I revisited the cave just to prove you can walk in the water and follow the shoreline to get there without trespassing on anyone’s land. It’s actually a more fun and adventurous trek via water.

The last time I visited the cave was six years ago and I don’t recall jumping a chain to get to it. I called the Inarajan mayor’s office for information and the gentleman I spoke with suggested the chain and signs were put up because of issues with illegal dumping. He also mentioned he had heard the property had been sold but is unsure who the current landowner is.

The reasons behind the chain and private property signs are irrelevant. It’s just wrong for Guam websites/guides to instruct people to ignore them.

“The most well known drawings in Gadao’s cave are located on the east wall, and depict two human figures side by side, one of which appears to be holding something under his arm. It has been suggested that these figures are representative of the legendary Chief Gadao who challenged and outsmarted the northern chief Malaguana in a test of strength.” (Guampedia)

Read about Chief GÃ¥dao’s legendary strength here.

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