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Friday playlist shuffle

This is where I post a list of ten random tracks from my iTunes library. This is my (almost) weekly invitation to you to post your random playlist in comments so I can discover new music and learn a little about you, and vice versa. Sometimes I link to an mp3 file for your listening pleasure. The link is only active until the next playlist is posted.
Mazzy Star – Into Dust
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Bloodhound Gang – Why is everybody always picking on me
Shakira – Objection (Tango)
Blind Melon – 3 is the magic number
Dead or Alive – You spin me right round
Dazz Band – Let it Whip
Allison HindsRoll It Gyal
Bell Biv Devoe – Poison (“Never trust a big butt & smile” haha)
The Go Gos – Vacation

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3 Responses

  1. Haji says:

    All the songs are great! Thanks for reminding me of “You spin me right round.” I listened to the Allison Hinds thing, and the opening notes just gave me the impression of one’s spirit opened up to the sky: Wonderful; but I kept thinking of the opposite kind of music…it’s a little 90’s, but whenever I listen, it is rejuvenating: from a band called the Throwing Muses [http://www.throwingmusic.com]: check your email for a sample of the song I mentioned.

  2. C says:

    Your list looks schizophrenic, like my own music folder.

  3. marc says:

    Wow! You linked to soca music! (Allison Hinds)
    Her former band was called Square One and a couple of their other popular hits were Sugar and Iron Bazodee. Soca music originated in my island, but Square One is from Barbados.

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