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Fouha Rock


In the Chamorro story of Creation, Fu’una used her spirit, at her brother Puntan’s request, to divide her brother’s body and use it to create the universe. With his back she made the earth, with his chest she made the sky. One of his eyes became the sun, the other became the moon. With his eyebrows she made rainbows. After fulfilling her brother’s request, Fu’una threw her body into the earth and it was transformed into what is known today as Lasso’ Fu’a (aka Fouha Rock; Creation Point). From this rock emerged the first humans.

Fouha Rock has been a designated National Natural Landmark with the National Parks Service since 1972. Getting there is an easy hike; the trail starts at the Guam Power Authority substation WBP-2 which is located on the right just before you reach Umatac Bay.

Here is a short video I made of the hike:

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