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FOR GUAM: How to Register with Netflix if you are seeing the “Not Available in Your Country” Screen

So you’ve heard and seen all the posts from your Guam friends saying they’re finally able to stream Netflix movies on Guam. This is great news! You want to partake in the fun so you go to Netflix to register for an account only to find this message:

Bummer. I have a couple of theories to explain why many of us are seeing this and it seems to be limited to NEW USERS who are signing up for the first time. If you already have a Netflix account you shouldn’t have a problem logging in with your existing account. First theory (and the most likely to be the cause) is your computer’s IP address is probably not a United States IP and Netflix knows it and won’t let you in because of it. An IP address is basically a unique number that every computer is assigned when it connects to the internet. Some computers always have the same IP, other IPs change whenever the computer goes online (this would explain why some people see the “Not Available” message sporadically). If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigned you an IP that originates in, say, Japan or South Korea, Netflix will deny access. But don’t be sad. There’s a way to get your Netflix account set up. It’s easy and I successfully tested it myself earlier tonight.

1. Go to http://freeproxyserver.ca/. A proxy server is kind of like a computer that sits between your computer and the internet. Proxy’s a middle man. He can hide your identity (IP address) and make it look like your computer is located in another country, like somewhere in middle America. You might use a proxy server if you were in China and wanted to access blocked sites like Facebook and Twitter. Or you might use a whole network of proxy servers to make a ransom call and transfer the ransom money and make it difficult to be traced by the feds like Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. haha. ha.

We’re going to use http://freeproxyserver.ca/ to sign up for Netflix. Scroll down and enter netflix.com where you see myspace.com. Click browse. It will take you to the Netflix site where (hopefully) you won’t see the “Not Available in Your Country” message. If you don’t, great! All you have to do now is register for your account.

Once you’re registered, SIGN OUT of your newly created Netflix account and quit your browser.

2. Relaunch your browser and go to Netflix.com. You’re probably going to see the “Unavailable in Your Country” message again. Ignore it because it’s a lie! Click “Member Sign In” at the top right. You should be able to log in and watch movies instantly now.

Remember, you really only need to do this if you are signing up for a Netflix account for the first time. If you already have a Netflix account you should still be able to log in even if you see the “Not Available” message. Tip: Clear your browser cache and delete all cookies (you’ll find this in preferences or settings or privacy). You can also try using a different browser. I usually use Chrome but tonight I used Firefox to register for a new account then went back to Chrome to log in and stream. If you still have problems after this, the next step would be to contact Netflix customer support and/or your ISP.

I hope this was helpful. We now return to our regularly scheduled program. Happy streaming.

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8 Responses

  1. Kolb says:

    After (successfully) registering via the route described above, logging out and rebooting, this presents itself on the next login:

    “Sorry, Netflix hasn’t come to this part of the world yet
    If you need to access your account, please visit netflix.com/help for assistance.”

    No access to queue or media, only account info.

  2. Josie says:

    Is that the message when you log into Netflix with your new account or is it the message you see on the main Netflix screen when you first go to the site? Have you tried dumping your browser cache and deleting cookies before logging in? Another thing to try is restarting your modem.

  3. Jason Salas says:

    @kolb – here’s what you might want to try to ensure nothing’s stuck in your browser. like Josie said, try disconnecting your router’s connection to the Internet for 60 seconds, then re-plug it in. then launch your browser, clear your cache, delete all cookies, and flush your DNS.

    * Windows: goto Start->Run then type in “cmd” to bring up a DOS window. when it’s up, type “ipconfig/flushdns” (if you’re on Windows 2000 or Win7 it might be “winipconfig/flushdns”), then close the browser, reopen, then give it a spin

    * OSX: bring up the Terminal and type “dscacheutil -flushcache” then hit Enter

  4. Jason Salas says:

    …additionally, i know people who have filed bug reports with Netflix and gotten the company to have the account registered with them; they’ve been good about resolving the entire issue in a couple of hours after you post something. good luck!

  5. Ron says:

    I tried this out a few days ago, and it worked wonders. But it seems that Netflix has caught on? I logged-in today on my account, and it said that I could not watch instantly because of my location. Hmmm… Anyone having the same problem?

  6. Josie says:

    I’ve heard some people say they couldn’t log in because of capacity issues, and this twitter feed says that Netflix is down for many (not just Guam). I’d try again later, but also dump cache/clear cookies/reset modem. I only know of a couple of people who actually had to contact Netflix directly to resolve their issues.

  7. Waylon Chislom says:

    so what do you think of the netflix price increase for their dvd and streaming plan? to be honest I dont really care at all because when you really think about it, the more you pay for netflix the more shows they can purchase for viewers and in the long run customers will be happy once again. but what do i know?

    • Josie says:

      I feel the same. The price increase is not a big deal to me. Although now that streaming is available, I changed my plan to 2 dvds out at a time instead of 3. Might decrease it further if I see I’m not needing the dvds as much.

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