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Fonte Dam

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“Tucked in the ravine of the Fonte River just south of the Guam High School building is the old Fonte Dam. The unique spillway is constructed of red bricks probably imported to Guam. The dam was constructed in 1910 under President Taft to supply water to Hagatna as noted by the marker on the face of the dam.” –from The Best Tracks on Guam by Dave and Bev Lotz
The guidebook has this hike rated C for medium difficulty, but I think it’s more of a B. From the trailhead it takes about 20 minutes to reach the dam. The trailhead is marked and the trail itself is clear all the way down, probably because it’s a popular hike. In fact, on our way down we met up with some friends who were coming out and on our way out there was a family heading down. It took a little longer coming back up because I was laden with 15 pounds of photography equipment that grew heavier and heavier with every uphill step. I can totally see why pro photographers hire people to carry their gear when they’re on assignment.
We plan on going back and following the trail further down that is supposed to lead to waterfalls and rapids. And next time we’ll be bringing a small net to catch some of the shrimp we saw in the river that were THISBIG. I’m talking huge jumbo shrimp!
Hey, I just made a redundant oxymoron.

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5 Responses

  1. brent says:

    it’s a pretty cool dam. but you do need to go down stream. time it so there’s lots of water (but not too much) as the falls are small, but fun. there’s even old airplane parts from some crash way back (not the korean flight). it can get more challenging the farther you go down. and if you are really brave, it will flatten out in a little meadow at the edge of agana hts.

  2. Sean says:

    Ahh… another beautiful shot taken with your Nikon. Hey Josie, I meant to ask you earlier but do you have a counter or a way to check how many people have visited your photoblog since you started it?

  3. Josie says:

    Thanks for the insight, Brent. My guess is you’ve “hashed” your way through that area before. Do hashers mark their trails using bits of shredded paper? We saw some of that on the trail.
    Sean, I do have a counter (sitemeter.com) but it hasn’t been counting since I started this website. I use the counter to see who’s linking me or what search terms led someone to my site.

  4. brent says:

    yes, good guess. been through that area a bunch of times. there is some gnarly cliff climbing there too. sometimes they’ll leave a rope. so keep your eyes open.
    yes, they will use shredded paper, but usually only when it is raining too hard to use flour (it washes away, and the snails eat it too).

  5. AshleyClare says:

    Hey where do you park to hike down to this? I know it is somewhere on Nimitz right? That is always the hardest part of the hike! Finding where ot go in!

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