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Fiesta Games

:: Question about Guam Fiestas
Hi..I used to live in Guam and i am doing a segment on our local tv station featuring Guamanian chicken and how to make it. I rememeber going to the fiestas there and
the chamorro people would play a domino type game of some sort. I dont remember what it was called. Im wondering if you could tell me the name of that game so i can use that in a description for what a Guamanian fiesta is like. I would greatly appreciate your time in telling me. I am looking forward to going on tv here and tell them a little about guamanian fiestas and your culture. How i would love to still be living in guam. TY kindly 🙂

Do you guys know what this person is talking about? I’ve never seen my family play dominoes at family fiestas or gatherings, and I don’t recall seeing it anywhere else. I’m wondering if he’s talking about beto-beto but that’s played with dice, not dominoes.

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7 Responses

  1. joel says:

    mahjong? That’s my guess.

  2. Josie says:

    Mahjong! You could be right.

  3. joleen says:

    my only guess is mahjong!

  4. Roel says:

    yep,20 out of 20 it’s mahjong

  5. Warren says:

    Yes, mahjong especially in middle of the night.

  6. aguarin says:

    Maybe she was with a Pinoy family playing Mahjong OR
    She was watching a card game called kanasta?
    But certainly, we have to get this lady to a website on Chamorro culture before she inadvertently misrepresent the Chamoru people. Tell her to type Nasion chamoru.com and she will find a lot of material there.

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