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Episode 5: Special Ed

In this episode, Eddie Chien opens up about the joy and hardship of being a cook and owning a restaurant, and how two failed restaurants shaped his character and outlook on the future. He also tells me why he doesn’t think I would have liked him if we had met before he found out he had a brain tumor.

This episode is sponsored by Delmonico Kitchen + Bar and is rated E for Eddie.

Listen and subscribe to the Latitude13 Happy Hour podcast on the Apple and Google podcast apps, Spotify, Stitcher, anywhere you get your podcasts! Search for ‘Latitude13 Happy Hour’ (Tip: Latitude13 is one word) or ‘Josie Moyer’. Let me know how you like this one. Thank you for listening.

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  1. Scott A Bond says:

    Listening to this episode has made my night here at my work. I’m in Alabama and I had the pleasure of spending many days with Eddie. There were a few moments in the interview when he was speaking about people he had worked with and the special situations he delt with them, that I was thought of, lol.

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