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Episode 4: To Dee or Not to Dee

Dee Cruz is one of those friends I’ve known a long time but not very deeply. I feel super special that she would come over and open up about things in her past that few people know. Until now, that is.

In this episode, Dee Cruz opens up about her experience in the Marine Corps and the time suppressed her true self and got married. She also talks about being a pageant mom, why she scaled her social media network way down, and how the world would be a better place if people ditched labels and focused on being good humans. We also play a round of “When Do You Step In” and learn a little about her parenting style. This episode is sponsored by Rotten Apple Restaurant.

Listen and subscribe to the Latitude13 Happy Hour podcast on the Apple and Google podcast apps, Spotify and Stitcher. Search for ‘Latitude13 Happy Hour’ (Tip: Latitude13 is one word) or ‘Josie Moyer’. Let me know how you like this one!

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