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Episode 3: The Quintessential Sagittarius (Whatever That Means)

In this episode my guest Hayato Atalig talks about leaving the stateside life behind and moving back home to Guam, and how being raised by a widowed Japanese mother affected his Chamorro-Japanese identity. Hayato also gives me a complete rundown on Tinder and we play a round of Swipe Left or Swipe Right on potential matches including a girl with a tattoo of the Guam Seal on her neck. Hayato also dishes life advice to listeners who sent in questions. Warning: Explicit (but funny) content. This episode is sponsored by Delmonico Kitchen & Bar.

Listen and subscribe to the Latitude13 Happy Hour podcast on the Apple and Google podcast apps, Spotify and Stitcher. Search for ‘Latitude13 Happy Hour’ (Tip: Latitude13 is one word) or ‘Josie Moyer’. Let me know how you like this one!

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