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How to Make a Jedi Robe. This might be handy if you are planning to camp out at the theatre this week for the very first viewing of Episode 3 dressed as your favorite Jedi and all you need is the costume pattern to realize your dream. If that’s true, get off my site dork!
Neverland Ranch map. There’s a Red Bull lounge. I wonder if they mean the Red Bull energy drink. That’d be my kind of place.
Visit the ONE campaign and sign the declaration. “The ONE Campaign is a new effort to rally Americans to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty.”
Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It. “They’re relatively low-maintenance. Most can be fueled on pizza, Twinkies and Mt Dew. No complicated dinners needed here, so if you’re not the best cook, eh. Can you order a pizza?”

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  1. Brother says:

    haha. the geek thing is so true. It took 3 of us to put together my system. and all we had to fuel us was a case of mt. dew, chips, and cookies. I will never do that again.

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