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Do You Believe In Karma?

My purse went missing Friday night at The Sheraton’s Atrio. After some searching, it was discovered lying on a table outside the hallway to the bathrooms. My camera and $100 in cash were taken; my credit card, driver’s license and car key were left behind.
I’m sad I lost my camera, but thankful the thief did me a nice thing by leaving all the other stuff in my purse in a place where it could be found. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?
What I’ve learned is this: You can put 5 and a half stars on your hotel, but you can’t put 5 and a half stars on your guests. I complained before about drinks being so expensive at The Atrio (this was after I paid $8 for a vodka/tonic), but later I realized that the high prices helped weed out the kids and thugs. I’m thinking The Atrio needs to raise their prices. Until they do, I guess I’m going to have to carry my purse with me AT ALL TIMES.

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6 Responses

  1. joel says:

    NO, not the new camera!!! Sorry Josie! Those can be replaced.

  2. vincenzo says:

    sorry about the camera J, I’ve been wanting to ask you: can you recieve wine through the mail on Guam?

  3. fabmimi says:

    next time just put it in my big-ass bag:) so sorry about that. good things to you will come in place of that misfortune because that was truly undeserved.

  4. Joie says:

    Oh no! I’m glad that you still had your wallet.

  5. cristina says:


  6. Bob says:

    Here’s a neat item, great for high $ small goodies
    and gadgets. There is a 75% chance that it will
    be found and returned to you with the tag.
    Sorry for your loss J

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