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Die, spammers, die!

Today so far I have deleted over 400 spam comments that have shown up on my site within the last 12 hours, most of them originating from one spammer using a great number of IP addresses. How annoying. Because of this sudden, out of the blue attack, I finally made it a priority to install MT Blacklist, which is a great anti-spam plugin for Movable Type. What a load off. Not only does it block known spammers from leaving obnoxious comments, but it also enables me to “de-spam” my site with just a couple of clicks (whereas before I had to delete spam comments one by one, obviously a very tedious process). Now that I’ve got MT Blacklist in place, I can go back and reenable all the IP addresses I banned from commenting (except for the psychos) and reopen comments on all the old entries.
Please let me know if you experience any problems with leaving comments. As far as I know, everything is tip top.
Thanks, Jay Allen!

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5 Responses

  1. disneymike says:

    Josie, I’ve had literally thousands of spam comments on my blog and it’s a royal pain. I delete them individually and block the numerous IP addresses just as you do.
    I’ve been hesitant to install MT Blacklist so far. I was hoping that Movable Type would include some type of mechanism to force commenters to type in a number that shows as a graphic.
    I might try MT Blacklist, but I want to wait until Movable Type 3.2 is released, since I’m currently using version 3.2b2.

  2. Josie says:

    Hi DM! I’m probably going to upgrade to the current version of MT real soon (like this weekend maybe), which I believe has some built-in comment spam protection. I’ve got to do something…even with MT-Blacklist I’m still having to delete a lot of spam. Grr. The good thing is that I can do it all in one shot, not like before. The problem with banning IPs is (as you probably know) spammers don’t use just one or two IPs. I was getting pretty tired of going down the list and deleting/banning one by one.

  3. disneymike says:

    Coincidentally, I got hit by over a hundred spam comments last night. The new version of MT is very nice and has a new junk folder, but no spam protection built in. Six Apart claims there will be some spam protection available in the future, but I’m not sure if it will be through third-party plugins or otherwise.

  4. Josie says:

    In that case, I’ll wait until the new MT with spam protection is released. I don’t want to upgrade and then have to do another upgrade on top of that. Thanks for the info.

  5. brent says:

    hate spam. hate spam. hate spam. good luck, i’m rooting for you!

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