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5 Responses

  1. vincenzo says:

    ahh the Kmart on Guam. is it still as beautiful as i remember?

  2. Josie says:

    Maybe I’ll take a picture of it for you. lol

  3. disneymike says:

    Shh you got to, shake it, shh shake it, shake it, got to shake it
    (Shake it Suga’) shake it like a Polaroid picture
    Hey Ya!, Outkast

  4. Donovan says:

    That picture looks mighty good to me, ’cause Tootsie Rolls are all I see.
    It’s funny how retailers are just completely skipping thanksgiving nowadays.

  5. Josie says:

    Hey ya, Mike! lol
    Donovan, I know see what you mean about skipping Thanksgiving–I didn’t see any Thanksgiving stuff on display at Kmart.

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