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CNN To Promote Guam As A World-Class Destination (For Free!) Because They Effed Up

Remember that disastrous story that CNN aired about the Guam democratic caucus back in May? The one where they used footage of outer islands of Micronesia with people waving at a plane? CNN is trying to make good on that mistake and will begin airing commercials “promoting Guam as a world-class destination” later this month.

“The commercial schedule was provided to GVB at no cost, in response to a complaint the bureau made to CNN regarding an erroneous report aired by the news network on May 24, 2008 during which footage of Yap was misidentified as being Guam. GVB felt strongly that the footage misrepresented Guam’s culture and the island’s cosmopolitan appeal to such an extent that CNN responded with the offer to air the TV commercials in order to correct any damage their story may have done to Guam’s image.”

Click to view the official press release that includes airtime schedule:

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14 Responses

  1. Thomas Angstrom says:

    Hey Josie, I do remember reading and viewing this footage on your blog sometime ago. I think whoever brokered the deal to get Guam some positive commercial airtime should be given the Magalahi award or something along those lines. This is certainly a win win for GVB and the local economy. Please use your networking ability and check with GVB or PDN to see if you or PDN can upload the GVB video release that will air on CNN Domestic and International edition. Thank you.

  2. Thomas Angstrom says:

    I hope GVB doesn’t use old stock video footage that they used in the early 90’s that you can view on youtube. GVB will miss the boat if all they show is Tumon Bay and not some of the other beaches such as Ritidan, Sirena, and Star Sand among others. Also, more importantly, I hope the jingle used in the advertisement is in sync with the footage and is catchy! Geesh, let’s just hope the video isn’t geared to Asian tourists with asian faces only shopping in DFS and riding around Guam in Greyhound buses… lol

  3. Thomas Angstrom says:

    At the end of the day and if GVB’s slick marketing effots actually translates into any real numbers of tourist coming to Guam then koodos to them. My only fear is that Guam cannot live up to all the glitzy hype. What Guam needs is a redefinition of what makes the island any different from any other on the planet as say the Bahamas, St. Croix, Maldives, etc. I am anticipating Mr. Gerry Perez’ campaign will seriously address the issue of Guam, it’s culture and it’s people. For an island that has been around longer than the Hawaiian Islands in terms of geography, peoples, and culture it sure doesn’t know how to market itself uniquely. Sure we can hand out floral leis as they do in Hawaii and adopt the hula even but where does it end and why do we feel the need to sell the island short in this way? The three most important things that tourist want to see is when they travel is unique interesting and relevant architecture to the area, a sense of history and place, and the people. Everything else such as the shopping is just gravy but just ask yourself what makes a trip memorable? It’s People and their customs. I would like someday to see GVB join up with the Department of Agriculture, Dept of Parks & Rec to work cooperatively to eradicate Tunggan Tunggan from Tumon and reforest it with Ifit, Pandanus, Breadfruit, Coconut Palms, Betel nut groves like you see in Sinajana and perhaps even Fadang. I’m sure GVB could even get a Federal Grant to assist with funding.

  4. Thomas Angstrom says:

    I apologize for the horrible grammar and bad spelling in my previous post, e.g. koodos-kudos, Tunggan Tunggan – Tangan Tangan, etc.
    My hope for Guam is not for an industry reliant almost entirely on tourism revenues ultimately. Perhaps a wealthy entrepreneur will come to the island and invest into an underwater exploratory research lab/museum in the Marianas Trench. Can you imagine the day when Guam will be able to take visitors and locals alike into the deepest underwater trench in the world or see active underwater volcano vents? The day that happens and I’m sure it will, I don’t think we’ll ever have to worry about filling hotel rooms and seeing a steady stream of people from around the world come to the island. We would think nothing about seeing people from places like France, Spain, England, etc. You see these groups of people in Phuket -Thailand and other tropical Asian destinations. I don’t see why Guam couldn’t attract the same tourists if it had something unique to offer.

  5. Thomas Angstrom says:

    I tivo’d CNN’s American Morning and the much anticipated GVB TV ad didn’t air. I don’t see why it didn’t get airtime as there wasn’t much news in the wee hours of the morning stateside (5:35am – EST; 2:35am -PST). To credit CNN, it did air a series of commercials at 8:35pm sharp but nothing on Guam… 🙁
    I hope GVB didn’t forget to send CNN the video to air. Has anyone seen it?

  6. Glenn Lujan says:

    I just saw the ad… it’s not the greatest… but it did air.

  7. Josie says:

    I haven’t seen the spot, but I’m wondering whether it’s the same one I saw on the huge screens at the busiest intersection of Shibuya in Tokyo. In that one there were lots of pretty postcard scenes of Guam. Not bad.

  8. Brian J Que says:

    Yeah, I put American Morning on My DVR as well. Went through like 3 hours of that show and did not see it (Boy did those people in DC look COLD… brrrr). I wonder though if some of the local Hawaii commercials that were playing on CNN here took their spots instead. *sniff sniff*

  9. Thomas Angstrom says:

    Unfortunately guys, I know it hurts to say this but a lot of what the military wife says in the post she left in Huffington Post is true. There is a horrible sewage stench as you walk along San Vitores Road. It is where the sewage transfer station is alongside the road I believe. As for the raw sewage soup that is spilling into the bays, well it’s true as far as East Hagatna Bay is concerned. How difficult it must be for GVB to market the island under these circumstances. It certainly goes to show how little communication there is among GovGuam agencies. Guam can never compete with Hawaii when it comes to Tourism unfortunately. Simply put, Hawaii is a state that gets much more Federal monies whereas Guam is a US protectorate that gets some Federal monies that aren’t always used in the best interest of the entire island. Guam isn’t all about Tumon Bay but unfortunately this is where the tourist mainly stay and the place is continually getting uglier with the mixed architecture, hot asphalt, crumbling buildings, 4-star hotels that desperately need a paint job (Marriott). etc. Funny how on my last visit that I found the nicest landscaping was around GVB’s office. The entire Ypao Beach is in desperate need for a spruce up with more floral trees, a proper irrigation system, and eco friendly fertilizer. Sorry, but this is just an honest observation!

  10. Brian J Que says:

    So has anyone else seen it? Been trying to look for it online. I wish GVB would have just posted it on their site.

  11. Thomas Angstrom says:

    I just saw the GVB video CNN release on PDN’s video archive. Sorry guys but this video falls short in comparison to any tourism commercial I’ve seen intended for a national audience. Commercials for Puerto Rico, Jamaica and other competing travel destinations poured more money and got the best talent to produce their videos. sorry to say but the tv commercial was more for a regional audience.
    I included a link to a video that I thought would have been more appropriate for a national release.

    Thanks Mike Hechanova

  12. Brian J Que says:

    I didn’t think the GVB version was too bad. It covered a lot of broad aspects for people who have many reasons to travel. I agree though that the video by Mike was amazing.

  13. Thomas Angstrom says:

    I agree with you in that the GVB video content did cover a broad spectrum of the island not to mention DFS, where Mr. Gerry Perez was gainfully employed before his appointment as chairman of GVB. I honestly believe this guy has a better idea of how to market the island better than anyone I can think of. The way the video was shot, the type of film used, and the music choice could have been better. The video did accomplish what it set out to do and that was to show the world that Guam is a ‘World Class’ metropolitan destination. Might have been simpler to just show the new Nissan showroom and the view from St. John’s school along the Tumon cliffline and get Nissan to have covered the cost for production…. 🙂

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