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Chasing waterfalls

(Lower) Tarzan Falls
This year Addison and I decided to start what we hope will become a Christmas tradition at our house: boonie stomping on Christmas day. We hiked to Tarzan Falls, but we started out late (we took a long nap after church service and lunch) so we didn’t have enough time to really explore the area or even get to the top of the falls. Maybe next weekend.
After our hike we joined my family for Christmas novena and dinner at my uncle’s house where I ate too many boñelos (yam donuts) and slices of my uncle’s pot roast, the best I’ve ever tasted. Watched my nieces and nephews play basketball. Caught up with some of my cousins who I haven’t seen in several months. Christmas wouldn’t feel like Christmas without my family. Or chamorro fiesta food.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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2 Responses

  1. rhia says:

    merry christmas, josie. :]
    the year before i left guam some friends and i hiked to tarzan. it was their first time there and my third. it still amazes me how farther down the river you can get to on your way down the bottom of the falls when you choose to walk the path instead of climb down the falls itself.

  2. Josie says:

    It was my first time there. We climbed down the rocks a little bit, but not really that far. I’m looking forward to going back and taking my time there. From the little that I saw, it is beautiful!

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