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Hello, 2011. 0

Hello, 2011.

I have to pack, I have to charge half a dozen electronic devices, I have to get some rest. My father is in the hospital and I’m flying out to Boise, Idaho tomorrow morning...

Test 0


OoooOOooh. Posting from this handy WP iPhone app. Neat. Now that I have this, I’m all out of excuses for not keeping up around here.

Oh, boy. 2

Oh, boy.

Things are such a mess around here right now. Tons of broken links. I’ll get to all of them, but it’s not like you’re anxious to read all the old stuff. Right?

Nothing Further To Declare 0

Nothing Further To Declare

This is part of the conversation Reden had with a Customs & Quarantine official upon returning from Manila. And proof that I post too much of my personal life on Fb. “Where do you...

Are you for SCUBA? 3

Are you for SCUBA?

I live on a tropical island where the ocean is accessible and warm all year round and for years I’ve heard about how wonderful and amazing the diving experience is. So I don’t know...

Wanderlust Again…and So Soon 4

Wanderlust Again…and So Soon

I was in Tokyo in March, before that I was in Fiji in December, and before that I was in Houston and Boise in November. I’ve done more traveling the past two years than...

Orange Popsicles and Lemonaaaaade… 5

Orange Popsicles and Lemonaaaaade…

Summer is here and a new playlist is in order. What am I missing? I welcome your suggestions. The song title MUST contain the word “summer.” Let’s play! (A larger image can be viewed...