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Category: Video


Blindfold me, she said.

In this video The Frenchman and I take turns putting things in each other’s mouths and guessing what those things are. 😁 Also, get your mind out of the gutter.


Cook Like a Chamorro: Tiao Kelaguen

I didn’t know tiao kelaguen was my favorite until Chef Ryan of Proa Restaurant let me try it. Here’s another Cook Like a Chamorro video I made for GVB. Btw, Chef Ryan owns the...


Cook Like a Chamorro: Chalakiles

Here’s a new Cook Like a Chamorro video that I made featuring Peter Duenas of Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro. Thank you Chef Peter for letting me hang out in your kitchen and eat chalakiles...


Cook Like a Chamorro: Beef Tinaktak

I had a lot of fun shooting and creating this video for the Guam Visitors Bureau. I’m working to expand the series so if you know someone who cooks bomb Chamorro food and isn’t...


Fouha Rock

In the Chamorro story of Creation, Fu’una used her spirit, at her brother Puntan’s request, to divide her brother’s body and use it to create the universe. With his back she made the earth,...


Duk Duk (Hermit Crab)

Not surprisingly, you don’t see a lot of duk duk in Tumon anymore. Maybe that’s why I follow them around whenever I see them on other beaches. This guy is one of the biggest...


GÃ¥dao’s Cave

I feel it’s irresponsible and disrespectful for Guam guides (websites) to tell people to jump over a chain that is clearly marked “Private Property” in order to get to GÃ¥dao’s Cave. I revisited the...


Josie and the Chocolate Factory

I very much enjoyed a tour of the Guam Premium Chocolate Factory, courtesy of William Ymesei. The $3 million facility, located in Barrigada, is outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery designed and built by engineers in...