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Guam’s Greens and Fairways

With seven public golf courses across the island, one could say Guam is the golf capital of Micronesia. There’s a reason our tourists often arrive with their clubs in tow: Year-round summer weather means...


How to Make Friends with Guam Locals

Someone in the Guam subReddit asked why was it so hard for someone new to the island to make friends with locals and it got me thinking. Advice for Guam newbies usually includes make...



My front yard, Tumon Bay, is #24 on TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Beaches in the World


Guam Food Tours

So what Guam Food Tours did is they scoured the island extensively for the best in Guam/Chamorro cuisine and then built a little sightseeing tour around it. “The best” is subjective of course, as...

A Sincere Thank You to Guam 1

A Sincere Thank You to Guam

Between the shores of Inarajan to the jungles of Dededo, there is much about Guam that I appreciate and grew to become fond of. First, the many, many beautiful people I encountered. I don’t...


Jet Ski From Agana Bay to Two Lovers Point

Guam tour operators who offer jet ski rental typically confine riders to safety zones which results in riders doing laps in safe shallow waters within the reef. There’s certainly an element of fun in...


Fonte Dam revisited

It’s been seven years or so since my last visit to Fonte Dam. Fonte Dam (also known as Libugon Dam) was reportedly the first dam built on Guam. The dam was constructed in 1910...