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Broken wings

1. I miss my old job. Actually, what I really miss is the casualness of my old job. If I could wear jeans to where I work now, I would not miss my old job so much.
2. All of a sudden, I am spending large blocks of time browsing eBay. And I’m not spending hours looking at camera lenses and accessories, either. Just yesterday I bought 30 Biore nose strips and a 6-pack of Frontline for the dogs.
3. I love cassava cake. I recently learned how to bake it and it’s so easy! Everyone is getting a cassava cake for Christmas.
4. A few of my friends are going through really tough times in their marriages, and are very close to calling it quits. I know statistics show that a marriage has about a 50% chance of ending in divorce, but it will still come as a shock if it happens to people close to you.
5. I have been doing a lot of talking in my sleep, or so I’ve been told. “What do I talk about?” I asked The Husband. “Mostly mumbo jumbo,” he said. “But this morning you told me to ‘go get the number on the phone.'” Well, hey, look on the bright side: at least I’m over the teeth-grinding thing.

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  1. Annalynn says:

    Years ago my mom told me while she was asleep, ” Nena, throw away the pig’s head from the fridge.”
    Funny thing is, I actually opened the fridge to check if it was really there.

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