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Bota L13 2006

It’s an election year and judging by the number of political billboards and signs that are popping up in every available roadside space, I’d say we’re just starting to get into the thick of things. Campaign signs typically consist of a nice, smiley headshot of the candidate, their name & logo, and their campaign slogan if they have one. So far all the slogans I’ve seen are typical political slogans like “Proven Leadership”, “Real Leaders”, “Leadership For Change”. Bor-ing! I’d like to see some fun pictures and signs that really grab your attention.
For example, if I ran for attorney general, my sign might look something like this.
It’d be cool if one of the candidates for AG stole my idea. We need more ninjas in office.

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4 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    I’d vote for the ninja.

  2. Patrick says:

    Moylan•Santos – Give Kaleo Another Chance
    Gutierrez•Cruz – Experienced In Court
    Underwood•Aguon – Because those UA sticers are not cheap
    Camacho•Cruz – Because Felix has all his hair

  3. rhia says:

    you’ve got my vote.
    i think if they posted signs like that, ppl would actually want proof that these candidates are ninjas, you know with a bit of tai-jutsu; and i know you’re a well trained kunoichi. 😉

  4. Arnold says:

    Ya Josie! Chop-socky your way into office!

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