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She hadn’t bloomed since the typhoon we had over the summer, but she surprised us on New Year’s Day. What an encouraging sign for the new year!
And then the anvil fell from the sky and landed on her. (Just kidding.)
I am not a new year’s resolution person. I tend to make my resolutions on or around my birthday, as that is the start of my personal ‘new year’ and usually when I’m in the state of mind to turn over a new leaf. However, this year I resolved to do everything I can to get a good night’s rest. I’m just so tired of waking up … tired. Yesterday Addison and I shopped for a new bed because we’re thinking the one we’ve been sleeping on is part of the problem (it’s over ten years old). It felt awkward laying down on the different models in the store, but we found something we both like very much and we’re having it delivered tomorrow. So we’re one step in the right direction. Now, have you any ideas on how I might convince my husband to let me hire a personal masseuse to give me a massage every night before I go to bed?

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    hi josie, happy new year! i’m on guam now just bumming around. wondering if i should try to look for work here or just stay for a visit.
    anyway, i just want to say that i’ve always liked your site and would look at it when i was away from the island … seeing stuff about guam. i love those sunset/ocean pictures and your cat blacky.
    m’kay!! see ya around on the rock!

  2. Josie says:

    Welcome back, Michelle! I enjoyed reading your posts from Japan and following your adventures as an English teacher there. 🙂 Hope you get settled in and find what you’re looking for…whether it’s here on Guam or somewhere else. Good luck!

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