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Black sand bloom

It looks like she’s planted in asphalt.
On another note, I now have a cell phone (same number) to replace the one that drowned tragically on Saturday. It’s only a temporary phone until the LG VX6000 I bought on eBay arrives in the mail. Would you pay over $400 for a phone at Guamcell if you could get it on eBay for under $100? Do I even have to ask?

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3 Responses

  1. Thomas Angstrom says:

    I love the contrast Josie! The dark granules of sand appear to be asphalt and the lighter brown sand that appears at the bottom left quadrant of the image looks like a painted line divider on some Guam roadway. With all that said, the image has the illusion of a flower growing out of the road.

  2. Ang says:

    a day wouldn’t be a day w/o my comments and banter back and forth with you.. lol..
    great pic.. love the shadows and the color texture of the flower as compared to the sand/backdrop…
    i wonder how many driveways have flowers growing out of them though..
    oh yeah chica.. when are we having lunch.. I want sushi as well..

  3. Ang says:

    i am purchasing a paintball gun.. for hopefully less than a 100.00, the regular price is 500.00, woohoo ebay.. lol..
    it isn’t for me.. it’s a xmas gift for my little bro.. who just happens to be taller than myself and 16..
    love ebay..

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