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Black Hawk Down

Watching Black Hawk Down was a great experience. It was an intense movie, and there were a moments while I was watching that I had to remind myself to take a breath. It wasn’t as graphic as I feared it might be – maybe I’ve been desensitized by Saving Private Ryan. A few girls I know who are in the Navy said they walked out during the movie because they couldn’t bear to watch it anymore. Addison couldn’t really see why those girls weren’t able to watch the movie, or why our friend Dustin, who is a helicopter pilot in the Air Force, warned him that the movie was real intense. My opinion is that the experience of watching Black Hawk Down was likely to be completely different from a military person’s perspective. I think a movie like Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan has a much more personal affect on a person who is enlisted in the service.
Another girl I know, Fabi, is in Guantanamo Bay right now helping to build the prison facilities that will house the terrorist prisoners that are being held there. Fabi wrote in an email that Guantanamo Bay is a very dark and black place to be because of all the hostility and hatred a lot of the U.S. servicemen and women feel toward the terrorists. Someone commented “I don’t know why they (the Servicemen and women) have to be so angry.” My answer to that would be the same as above in that it’s a matter of perspective. Servicemen and women understand, more than anyone, what it means to defend freedom and to be willing to die for it. They are the forerunning defense of the freedoms that we all take for granted from time to time. I can certainly understand their hostility toward the people who threaten that freedom and, in the process, take innocent lives. Maybe some of us civilians have become desensitized by the everyday reports about the war against terrorism and we’ve begun to turn our heads.

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