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Be Safe and Smart

I was very saddened to hear the news that a man drowned at Tanguisson yesterday.
My friend Roel and I went looking for a place to swim and snorkel yesterday afternoon. While driving through East Agana, Piti and down to Agat I noticed the surf was a little rough. I pulled up to the beach in Agat and we just sat in the car a few minutes, surveying the water. After some discussion we decided to drive further south to Merizo where the water was a lot calmer.
I know you’re thinking, Merizo?! That’s a long way to drive just to get in the water!
It was a bit of a drive, but I really don’t mess around when it comes to water safety, especially when I’m with friends. I know I could not live with an accidental drowning on my conscience.
But about Merizo. It was so nice and calm. We swam out towards Cocos Island, and I have to admit that after 20 or so yards of not being able to see anything down below me because the water gets really deep and blue, I started to feel a little nervous thinking that something could come out of nowhere and swallow me whole. I have a pretty active imagination. 😛

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I’m glad you thought twice about where to get in the water. Roel is a dear friend and if something should happen to him… WAIT!
    Josie, you should not go into the water alone with Roel… (especially when the water is rough). He’s got a million stories of mishaps and accidents. Ask him about almost killing Jimmy Dee or Ricky Bordallo… The dude has nine lives…
    Actually he’s a great guy and he’d probably protect you at all costs (even if it causes himself bodily harm). But you should ask him about Ricky Bordallo or Jimmy Dee, you’d get a kick out of these stories of unfortunate accidents.

  2. fabmimi says:

    i have the same fear of deep blue water as well. once we went camping and even if we were in a boat, just knowing that it was 94 feet to the bottom of the lake made me especially nervous. i couldn’t even get myself to kayak in the open water.

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