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Bad news all around

So do you want the bad news, the bad news, or the really bad news?
The bad news is ever since my host upgraded the server my files reside on (sometime early this morning), I am unable to login to Movable Type in order to update this website (Invalid Author error). I created a new author using MT-Medic and tried logging in using the new identity, but that didn’t work. So today’s Latitude13 update is brought to you by the letters H-T-M-L via the nice text editor BBEdit. It’s, like, 1997 all over again. Cool. I could use the practice/refresher.
Anyway, the bad news is until I get this all sorted out (I’ve already put in a trouble ticket), you won’t be able to post, and in some cases, view comments. Sad! I really, really like it when you leave comments. It totally validates my existence on the internet. The good news is I won’t be getting any spam comments until this is fixed, either. That is very very good news.
In other bad news, last night my supercute kitty Regan was playing with Addison’s fishing pole and the hook got caught in his mouth. He was walking around last night looking like a little tough guy kitty with a lip piercing, kicking ass and taking names. Addison tried to persuade me to leave it in, “He’ll be our little pirate kitty!” but I was not having it. The good news is The Vet removed the hook and Regan will be as good as new. The bad news is the bill came to about $120. The good news is Addi is finally able boast that he caught something with that fishing pole–a real two-pounder!
But about my website. I hope things will be back to normal real soon. Worst case scenario would involve reinstalling MT and starting over from scratch. Again. That would make it the second time I’ve had to do that. The bad news is I don’t have a importable backup of all my entries, but I don’t want to think about that right now. Right now I’m just going to sit tight until my host responds to my trouble ticket. I will keep you posted. Oh, hey, if you have experienced anything like this before on your weblog and saw light at the end of the tunnel, please tell me all about it.
Kiss, kiss!

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  1. Rhia says:

    Glad Regan is okay. That happened one time with my grandma’s cat. Instead of going to the vets, however, my dad just used some cutting pliers, had someone hold/calm kitty cat, and snipped away. She turned out just fine, without the incredible bill.

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