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Back In The Day (Camp Asan)

This morning I received an email from Dave Lotz that contained 11 photographs of Guam that were taken in 1954. I have no idea who took the pictures, but I thought it would be interesting to match up a current photo against the 1954 photo. I already have a few of the locations and will try to take the others and post them here.
I’ll begin with the Asan Memorial Park, formerly known as Camp Asan.

Taken on 2005.11.19
I had no idea it used to be a camp. Shows you how much I know.

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  1. Jessica Joy says:

    I remember this view from the Nimitz Hill look out. When I went home in November I took my husband around to all the War in the Pacific National Park sites. (Ofcourse it’s something I didn’t do while I lived on Guam…..an appreciation of history I acquired from living off island.) I learned My mom actually stayed at camp Asan when they first came to Guam from the Philippines.

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