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Author: Josie

Total Eclipse of the Sun 1

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Ok, 75% of the sun on Guam. Here are a couple of shots from today’s solar eclipse. Turn around bright eyes! lol

Guam Quarter 3

Guam Quarter

This isn’t the design I voted for, but I’m still very happy to have a couple of Guam quarters.

My First Commercial 7

My First Commercial

This is the first television commercial I concepted, storyboarded and edited under the direction of Eric Tydingco. Yay!

Shoot Yourself for GU #21 2

Shoot Yourself for GU #21

Here’s something new that I’m excited about. GU Magazine’s new format has several departments that call for reader contributions in both writing and photography. One of the sections I’ll manage is called Shoot, where...

Snail Mail 0

Snail Mail

I should have let you all know sooner that I changed my snail mail address. Sorry for all those ‘return to sender’ Christmas and birthday cards. Eep. My new mailing address is: 590 S...

L.A. Or Bust 2

L.A. Or Bust

You and I can help Don and Kel Muna get to Los Angeles and represent Guam at one of the TOP Five Film Festivals in L.A. They’re so close to the goal! Click on...