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At Least One of Us Is Being Productive

Addison and his foot soldiers finished the Camacho pool. Here’s a before and after:

Click to enlarge

Excellent work Addi, Kuks, Mike and Cheyne. I dig the mermaid and dolphin mosaics.
So if you have a pool or spa that needs any kind of work, feel free to send me an email and I’ll pass it on to The Husband. Come on now, don’t be shy. Mama needs a brand new bag. 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Brian Que says:

    *ahem ahem* maybe you should have your husband build a four sided fence around that pool. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends that to prevent children from drowning. Even the 3 sided kind is considered unsafe… kids still drown from that.
    A public message from your friendly neighborhood pediatrician..
    *And now back to our show…*

  2. Michelle says:

    I love before and after photos of just about anything. This is cool. They almost look like they’re doing their work while submerged in water as the tiles are so blue.

  3. bert says:

    my friend in Yona just had his pool fixed recently . if i’d known sooner i woulda let you know.
    by the way, i dog the ninja outfit 🙂

  4. bert says:

    i need to work on my typing, “dog” – “dig”

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