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Like Ferris Said, Life Moves Pretty Fast

There is so much going on right now, I swear I closed my eyes on Monday and when I opened them again it was Friday.
Work is still very, very cool. I got to film some band footage Tuesday night at HOB, and I’ll be filming the other bands throughout the coming weeks. I’m pretty excited because I’ve been told I’ll be handling the video editing on this project…which is interesting really because I have zero editing experience. Haha. No sweat, today at work I installed Final Cut Pro on my iBook so I can learn the software at home during my ‘down time’. Piece of cake.
P.S. I’m being facetious.
Tokyo Tamuning Drift
Despite the crazy pace at work (and I’ll keep it up as long as I get a daily Red Bull right around 2:30pm), I managed to have some (non-work related) fun a couple of nights ago at the go-cart grand prix track with Brother, his girl Tasha and a lot of the Hava Java crew. We had the track to ourselves and it was so much fun and so very addicting! I just wanted to keep going faster and faster, and everytime I’d drift around a turn I’d laugh inside my helmet like a crazy person. 😛 On the way to Casa afterward to see 8 Track Mind I had to check myself mentally to keep from stomping the gas. Drift is my new middle name. We plan to go back very soon so Addi can get in on the action.
(This video took forever to load, maybe Buzznet is having a bad day?)
Speaking of 8 Track Mind, the band was just as hot as I remembered them. And I was told by the man himself that DJ Ronnie will be spinning at HOB this coming Thursday and Thursday next from 8p to 12a (just two weeks). Since Ronnie wraps up at midnight, that means you’ll still have time to head down to Casa to catch the last 8 Track Mind set. I love Thursday!

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  1. ang says:

    I so wanna go next time.. this looks soo damn cool.. holla..

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