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As Dave Matthews Sang, “Everything Good Needs Replacing.”

All good things come to an end.

By that, I do not mean the end of my love affair with Julie (come on people, she’s totally irreplaceable), but rather, the end of my love affair with my little Sony DSC-T33.
A few weeks ago some condensation crept into the underwater housing (I dropped it and failed to recheck the seal before getting in the water (because I’m an idiot) ) and the camera hasn’t been the same since. The above photo of myself and Julie was the last photo the camera managed to record before last rites were administered. The saddest part is now I’m left without a video camera and cannot wrap up a couple of video projects I’d been collecting bits for a new installment of 18Clips. Boo.
I’ve looked around and I think I’ve settled on a replacement camera and kit that’ll set me back a few hundred bucks. Soooooooo, uh, if you’ve ever thought about making a donation to Latitude13 for whatever reason, now would be a most excellent time to put money in the tip jar.
Here’s my shameless Paypal donation button:

Everyone who contributes to the cause will receive a thank you gift.
Honestly, had I not just blown my last ten bucks on socks, I wouldn’t dream of asking.

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3 Responses

  1. davis says:

    Hi Josie,
    You might be interested in this:
    Sony News Alert
    I thought my Sony was broken as well (nothing would show up in the viewfinder when I would turn the camera on). I came across the news release while looking through some camera forums (trying to figure out what camera to buy next). The offer covers the issue I am having as well as your problem with the lines. Seems to happen more often to cameras exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

  2. resuri says:

    my condolences, josie. on the upside, even a broken camera can’t disguise how HOTT you two are!!

  3. rhia says:

    haha! i’ll gladly donate to get you a new pair of cool socks to add to your collection. 😀

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