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5 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    What bums me out is knowing that he has left behind a young daughter.

  2. Cristina says:

    I didn’t believe it when my sister told me. Total shocker

  3. Vincenzo says:

    did he get to finish the batman gig?

  4. Brother says:

    He did finish the Batman gig.
    I feel that this was an accident. Ledger was noted for having trouble getting sleep do to stress. Ledger told someone that during filming of the Batman movie, he had been VERY stressed and was not sleeping well at all. He had been prescribed Ambien. Ledger told a reporter that some nights he would even take 2 Ambien pills, and still only sleep for no more than an hour.
    Now I don’t know if anyone has had any experience with Ambien because I don’t but I heard its one hella of a drug. A friend of mine told me that just one would knock him out or give him a real good high if he tried to fight it.
    If Ledger was having problems sleeping after taking 2 my guess was he tried to up the dosage.
    pretty reckless for taking more than whats recommended but I would like to think it was an accident.
    My prayers go out to his family especially his daughter.

  5. Josita says:

    It was so tragic! He had such potential to be greater than he already was … sad I say, so sad!

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