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A to Z (Yet another email forward)

A – Age you got your first kiss: 5. He kissed me & ran away with my watermelon jolly rancher.
B – Band listening to right now: AC/DC (if you want blood–you got it!)
C – Crush: Patrick Dempsey (when did he get all cute?)
D – Dad’s name: Joseph
E – Easiest person to talk to: myself (did I say that out loud?)
F – Favorite bands at the moment: NIN, Hooverphonic, Mandalay, The Vines
G – Gummy Worms or Gummy Bears: Haribo gummy bears
H – Hometown: Mangilao, Guam
I – Instruments: I played the flute in jr. high. Now all I play is the stereo.
J – Junior High: Schweinfurt Jr. High/Nolan Middle School/San Vicente School
K – Kids: serve ’em up with sauce on the side
L – Longest car ride ever: Kileen, TX to Oakland, CA. It was FRIGGIN’ LONG.
M – Mom’s name: Becky
N – Nicknames: jos, josie girl, buddy, foxy loxy
O – One wish: To fulfill my purpose and be a lady in the process.
P – Phobia: clowns and getting my teeth knocked out
Q – Fave Quote: “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” (Clerks)
R – Reason to smile: I’m going to Australia this month with the one I love.
S – Song you sang last: Neneh Cherry, “Buffalo Stance”
T – Time you wake up: six-ish or earlier
U – Unknown fact about me: I was the one who sent that plate of fried rice.
V – Vegetable you dislike: cauliflower
W – Worst habit(s): interrupting, ordering more than I can eat, wearing my contact lenses to bed
X – X-rays you’ve had: teeth, jaw, leg, hip
Y – Yummy food: cassava, vietnamese fried lumpia, empanada, red rice
Z – Zodiac sign: aquarius
And you?

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