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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bathroom

A few days ago a guy stopped me outside the Ladies room with, “Hey! You’re Latitude13!”
Last night I was introduced to someone who began the conversation with, “I go to your website!”
This morning Co-worker says, “Someone told me they saw me on your site!”
Dorothy, we’re not in Anonymityville anymore.
hiThe funny thing is, just last night friends and I discussed the chances of Employer finding out about L13. The chances are good, and at this rate, inevitable. I told them I wasn’t worried…I never write in detail and I never name (Company) names. The only time I wrote openly about work was when I was with iCON (hi iCON!), and it was because all the boys knew about L13 long before I worked there so it wasn’t an issue. It was a little weird to walk into the office and see my site on someone else’s monitor besides mine but whenever it happened, I’d just turn around and walk out.
Then there’s the issue of self-censorship.
I try to keep it real around here, but there are times right before I hit ‘publish’ when I question myself and worry over how someone in particular will respond and judge because I know that person is in the audience. I can’t keep doing that because to do that would mean that I am trying to appear perfect on this site, and you and I both know that I am not perfect. Nor am I a model citizen or a model anything. I am what I am: a really cool work in progress. (haha)
I don’t know why I started publishing on the web. I paper-journaled for a long time, and I could have just stuck with that if I really wanted to remain anonynous. But I like to show and tell. I like when people talk back to me via comments. I like meeting people who like my site. If it weren’t for L13, I would not have connected with and befriended so many cool people. That’s a very good reason to come out of obscurity.

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16 Responses

  1. vincenzo says:

    dude….the pictures of Guam are always and will always have a place in peoples’ hearts—i know that’s why i always go to your site…and because you’re one of my hommies from back in the day yo….

  2. Patrick says:

    I’ve seen you many times in public before identifying myself (on the web and on the telephone)… I figured that you’d still like some privacy since you’ve put other aspecs of you life in full public view. Besides, your life is pretty entertaining and you are a very talented photographer. So you see, you are actually providing a service to some of us. You’re a celebrity! (kind of like flat stanley) LOL! Keep it up!

  3. Annalynn says:

    Josie –
    I love your site because it makes me feel less lonely and more connected to the heart and spirit of my island.
    Keep on hitting “publish.”

  4. ed adkins says:

    heh. well, it was a little wierd for me too- i was all, “where do i know her from? ohhhhh…”
    once i knew i was moving here i checked out as many guam blogs as i could, and yours has stuck. what’s funny is that the other day someone else new to the island recommended L13 to my wife.
    see you around.

  5. Haji says:

    U R Guam!
    Don’t 4get it!
    If your boss fires you because of L13, s/he sucks.
    On my honor:
    If you are fired because of written or visual content on https://www.latitude13.com/ and the content is also the direct reason for being fired, I’ll send you, “Josie (Quichocho) Moyer”, $1,000 dollars U.S., and contribute $2,000 in additional funds towards any legal fees (if any) to the same, “Josie (Quichocho) Moyer”, as may be needed, towards any law suit, perused and/or pursuant against the aforementioned (current as of 06-23-2006) employer.
    I kid you not.
    Your service, Mrs. Moyer, to the illumination of the great territory of Guam and what it’s all about, is a service worth paying for, and insuring!
    Just do it!
    E. Hodge, Suwon, South Korea.
    (email address on file with Mrs. Moyer)

  6. marian says:

    Just say no to self-censorship. The best thing about publishing on the web is the community that you grow.
    After all, you have a disclaimer that says that all opinions are your own, and not your employer’s. That’s usually enough to protect you legally.
    I guess it all depends on what you say about your employer too. But even when you got laid off, you didn’t slander your last employer, so I doubt that it will be an issue. Keep it up!

  7. Christine Lalaine says:

    Josie, your site is prime Webby’s material. I’d nominate you if I could.

  8. Christine Lalaine says:

    Oh, hey, and you should ask GVB to name you Guam’s internet ambassador.

  9. Dukduk says:

    do u want me to shank somebody?…just kidding! uhhh yea don’t do the gvb thing, they will probably try to micromanage your site, then sooner or later it’ll all be in foreign language

  10. Josie says:

    Well it’s good to know who the resident bouncer is. Has everyone met John? haha
    Three thousand bucks, Haji? Wow. Thanks man.
    Let’s hope I’ll never have to collect on that. 🙂

  11. fabmimi says:

    you are the number one representative of guam on the web!! is politics written in your cards? lol.

  12. C says:

    I would absolutely and totally be freaked if someone recognized from the internets. I have no idea why so I’m fully capable of sharing every facet of my life online, but it just seems so odd.

  13. Michelle says:

    Yes, I agree with everything good everyone has said. Josie is awesome!!!
    OK, I’m going to bed now.

  14. trench says:

    L13 rocks my socks!

  15. Donovan says:

    i don’t think you go into deep enough detail or specifics for your employer to make a big deal out of it.

  16. justin says:

    Long time! Miss those long lunches with you and Jan the Man….

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