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A Pain in the Neck, A Crook in the Spine

One of my co-workers gave me a couple of gift certificates for a consultation and follow-up with a chiropractor. Mike and I went and had a bunch of x-rays taken of our spines and necks. On Saturday we went back for the follow-up and we were told by Dr. Chiropractor that we both have whiplash and that Mike has scoliosis. Dr. Chiropractor says both our conditions are treatable and would take up to four months of “intense” therapy, i.e. three visits a week for up to four months.
So after the consultation part we go into the Finance room to meet with a woman who explains how much intense therapy is going to cost and what the payment options are. It comes out to $540 per month for four months for a grand total of $2160. “If you prepay the total amount, we’ll give you a 10% discount,” she tells us.
Now I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have the kind of money to just be able to plunk down a couple grand without hesitation. I prodded her for other options and she just kept going back to prepayment. “We just want you to be able to concentrate on the treatment and not have to worry about payment every time you come in. So how much can you put down today?” She just came across as only being interested in how much money she could get out of us that day.
It turns out my health insurance covers 12 visits per year with a $20 co-payment so I told her I would start with that and then decide how I feel and what I want to do after the insurance coverage runs out. I’m skeptical because I’ve been to a chiropractor for treatment before and I wonder why he never mentioned I had whiplash. I also googled scoliosis and read that slight curves in the spine can be normal. So I don’t know. Maybe if the finance woman wasn’t so pushy about getting money out of us, I might feel differently and not suspect that there was some sort of scam going on.
My other co-worker also received a couple of gift certificates to the same doctor and he and his sister have to go back and have their x-rays read. If Benji comes back and tells me he and his sister have whiplash, I probably wont go back or will seek a second opinion.
Have you sought treatment from a chiropractor? What are your thoughts?

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9 Responses

  1. inna says:

    hi josie,
    i love popping my bones and had a great time when i once was going to the chiropractor. i don’t anymore and i can say, i am perfectly healthy. don’t get me wrong, i know of people who swear they’re cured of their illnesses, but to me it felt like going to the spa to get a massage. i don’t need it. if it’s covered by my insurance and i don’t have to spend a lot of $$- i’ll go.
    i also have thoracolumbar scoliosis (double or ‘s’ curve). i’ve seen an orthopedic surgeon for this when i was younger and they said i am fine. they only do corrective surgery or treatment in severe cases. i used to be out of breath a lot because it pushes on to my lungs, but thank god for yoga and centergy* i am ok now. as for the whiplash…do you feel pain or discomfort? i’d say, just listen to your body. it’ll tell you if something’s wrong.
    i hope you get more insight from other people. i’m just one tough cookie who does not like going to the doctor any more that i have to.
    but i still recommend yoga or centergy*- it’s all about alignment, strong core, etc..
    *a mind and body class- combination of pilates, tai chi, yoga, but with more fluid movements

  2. Tom says:

    J-Mo, I think you guys should get a second opinion.

  3. Jesse says:

    I’ve been to a couple different chiropractors and currently see one on a monthly basis. My insurance covers 11 visits per year:(.
    The setup at work isn’t very conducive for good posture and I used to to get some back and neck pain. Nothing serious just nagging. Going to the Chrio has definitely helped. While I still get some pain and soreness it’s not usually as deep and tends to work it self out, rather then stick around for a few days. I’d recommend getting a second opinion. If you’d like the name of my Dr, just send me an email.

  4. Arnold says:

    Those “Voodoo” guys have their place and I can recommend them for some things, but the moment I have a sneeze, and they say its coming from C-1 and L-7, then I’m out the door.

  5. Marina says:

    I have scoliosis and had surgery to correct it because mine was severe, a 72 degree curve in my spine. I saw various drs for more than 2 years – so I know way more than I should about it. Under 20 degrees doesn’t require any treatment and isn’t cause for concern. It also isn’t correctable with chiropractic visits. My parents are big on alternative therapies and took me to a chiropractor before they were willing to admit how severe my case was. Being a childhood friend of my step-dad, even the chiropractor admitted that the best they could hope for was a 1-2 degree change and it would only be temporary.
    I know lots of people who like going to the chiropractor once a month or so, but I’d be wary. If you get a bad massage your muscles heal themselves. If you have a bad chiropractor you can be permanently disabled.

  6. Thomas Angstrom says:

    Chiropratic care is considered by many in the medical field to be pseudo science. Practice yoga, stretching and cardio. You’ll see your symptoms/diagnosis disappear. If anything see if you can get a referral from your primary physician to get a physical therapist. Your health insurance should be able to cover this. You can learn a lot of different type of exercises and stretches that will help your body realign itself naturally.

  7. trench says:

    2nd opinion would be the way to go.

  8. Lescentive says:

    Josie.. i see a chiro..before, during and after my last pregnancy, he has done wonders.. i’m not sick as often and well, i sleep better at night. Now i only see him once in awhile, gonna see him next week or so, bas is getting very heavy and straining my lower back a bit. oh yeah.. he is walking now.
    miss ya.

  9. Samuel says:

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