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6 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    I would tell my 18 year old self:
    1. Rapper-boys are cute but will break your heart into a million pieces.
    2. That gas container doesn’t contain gas and will screw up your brand new car.
    3. Perms — not a good idea. If you can’t resist, please don’t take any pictures because Mom will show it to everyone.
    4. Everyone knows you are short (even with high heels) – so don’t bother wearing high heels to school because you will end up with ugly bunions.
    5. It doesn’t matter if people like/accept you or not – you ROCK! Follow your own road.
    6. Your mistakes don’t define you. You’ll learn and make better choices in the future.

  2. Julie says:

    i would tell my eighteen year old self not to be so scared, try more things, risk more, mess up more.

  3. Joel says:

    I would tell myself,
    1. “Travel, travel, travel! Don’t wait until you turn 24. First stop, Italy!”
    2. Buy Apple stock! Lots of it.
    3. Reserve the domains: yahoo, aol, youtube, friendster, google, facebook, myspace and latitude13 (hahaha). Don’t ask!
    4. Don’t wait to learn to play the guitar. Head over to Guitar Center and buy your first electric Fender Strat.
    5. Take a photography class!
    Love the video Josie. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.

  4. inna says:

    i’d tell my 18 year old self to take the trip! take the trip!
    my mom and dad gave me three options for my 18th birthday- a car, a debutant party or a trip to germany (and neighboring european countries)…well, i really didn’t pick any of the three. i was so in love with college/architecture i’ve decided to take summer classes. they threw a party for me anyways.
    i’d also tell myself that it gets better 🙂
    thanks josie, i enjoyed the video a lot…take care.

  5. josita says:

    1. Don’t take him back! (took him back and divorced 13 years later)
    2. Stop dieting, you’re not fat! (all those years of dieting and now I’ve got an eating disorder.. I eat everything!)
    3. Yes, you really want to be a social worker. (I waited and waited and didn’t go back to school until I was in my mid-twenties)

  6. Josita says:

    I am a huge Logan fan. (not a stalker) He’s cute and funny. Actually, all the peeps are funny too.
    Dear Logan,
    I’m happy you went to Ohio for school. It’s okay that you spent a lot of money on school. You can’t pay for the life experiences.
    Dear Rich,
    You are funny as heck! Sorry you wasted your mom and dad’s money on college. Hopefully you can make it up to them as they get older. Your never too old to cut the grass.

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