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24 Days and Counting

Two years ago I fell in love with Egypt and literally wept when I had to leave her.
I’ve been pining for her ever since, often imagining myself at the foot of Cheops, the largest of the great pyramids of Giza, my feet covered with the same dust that covered the feet of Ramses the II, the greatest pharaoh who ever lived.

I’m finally making my way back to my love and it’ll be almost exactly the same week that I was in Egypt two years ago. Can’t hardly wait.

Egypt 2012

After Egypt I’ll travel to Istanbul for the first time and I just know that I will love it. “But what about the bombs and terror in Turkey?” a friend asked. Well, then, Jordan is Plan B. I would so totally dig Petra and the Dead Sea.

It’s good to have a plan, it’s better when your plan is flexible.

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  1. Maya-chan says:

    Glad you had a Plan B. Also glad you didn’t have to resort to said plan.

    Also glad you didn’t write, “‘But what about the … terror in Turkey?’ my old lady friend Maya asked.”

    You’re my idol and I can’t wait to take a trip with you!

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