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10 More Things to Do

Get up, get out and do something fun in Guam. I gave you 10 ideas in my last post, here are 10 more.

10. Whack some balls.
I don’t care much for playing the actual game but I do enjoy whacking the hell out of balls at the Tumon driving range. And driving a golf cart is pretty fun.

9. Go fishing and reel in a big one.
Go fishing
Unfortunately I did not reel in a big one but I had fun trying.

8. Play mini golf. (Island Mini Golf Adventure)
mini golf

7. Explore the ocean without getting wet. (Atlantis Submarines)

6. Feed some goats (and other things). (Guam Zoo)
Guam Zoo

5. Ride Guam’s only cable car down to Talofofo Falls.
Talofofo Falls
While you’re there be sure to check out Sergeant Yokoi’s cave and the surprisingly fun Ghost House. Local rate is $12 per person.

4. Learn how to wind surf. (Pacific Islands Club)

3. Go bowling at Leo Palace.
Kind of pricy at $5 per person per game but the place is so clean and is never crowded.

2. Wipe out on the Flow Rider. (Tarza Water Park)
Flow rider

1. Go parasailing. (Ocean Jet Club)

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  1. kirida says:

    I’m so terrible at the flow rider. I tried that on Saipan and I immediately zoomed to one side. I have to go to guam!

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