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Cook Like a Chamorro: Chalakiles

Here’s a new Cook Like a Chamorro video that I made featuring Peter Duenas of Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro. Thank you Chef Peter for letting me hang out in your kitchen and eat chalakiles...


Cook Like a Chamorro: Beef Tinaktak

I had a lot of fun shooting and creating this video for the Guam Visitors Bureau. I’m working to expand the series so if you know someone who cooks bomb Chamorro food and isn’t...


Three Days in Shanghai: A Video

I’ve been carrying on about how great Shanghai is as a travel destination. I think it’s better to just shut up and show you so I made this video of the three fantastic days...


Cairns 2014

I made a little video of our recent trip to Cairns, Australia. I hope you like it because I worked hard on it. 🙂 My favorite parts are Julien tasting Vegemite and dancing in...


What One Russian Loves About Guam

Russian travel and style blogger Olga Kulikova visited Guam recently and made a fun video of her trip. Whether it’s good or bad, I like to see the island through a visitor’s eyes. Check...


Manila & Hong Kong 2014

Julien and I spent a couple of days in Manila before traveling to Hong Kong to meet up with his parents. I made this video of our trip. 🙂 Manila and Hong Kong 2014...


Holy Crab

I checked out the Malesso’ Crab Festival yesterday and it was CRAZY. Just look. Reminds me of the times my dad would sneak into the house very early in the morning after a night...


Get Fun in Guam

Here’s a really fun video of Guam that was made by some of the visiting Taiwan media who were on island for the Shop Guam Festival launch on Black Friday. Guam is so fun!


Diving With Sharks

I got to suit up and dive with the sharks at Underwater World recently. It was pretty amazing. My favorite part starts around 4:35 when a stingray swam so close, I felt him rub...