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Latitude13 : On an island in the sun


Because Happy Hour is my fave

Hi. I started a podcast. You can listen to Episode 1 right here and you can also subscribe to it on the iPhone/iPad podcast app, Google Play Music, and Spotify by searching for ‘Latitude13...


Target Ships to Guam

From Wall Street Journal: The Last Place on Earth Where Everyone Still Loves Kmart No doubt Kmart is big in Guam but to me the real news is this part: Target shipped to Mongolia...


Cook Like a Chamorro: Tiao Kelaguen

I didn’t know tiao kelaguen was my favorite until Chef Ryan of Proa Restaurant let me try it. Here’s another Cook Like a Chamorro video I made for GVB. Btw, Chef Ryan owns the...


The Woman Who Got Everything She Asked For

I met Ty Espinosa while visiting fruit stands in the south for a story. I ended up having a long, delightful conversation with her about her life and I left feeling lighter and more...


The Executive Treatment

Have you ever thought about going to Manila for an executive checkup? Because I wrote this story about how easy and affordable it is to set one up. At St. Luke’s Medical Center Global...


Dad! I’m in the NY Times!

I wrote a story for The New York Times. You can read it here. I also contributed to a separate story for The New York Times. You can read that story here. Unreal!


Guam Flag Day

July 4th is Independence Day in the United States but did you know that July 4th is also a significant day in Guam history? It’s the anniversary of the day Guam got its own...


Cook Like a Chamorro: Chalakiles

Here’s a new Cook Like a Chamorro video that I made featuring Peter Duenas of Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro. Thank you Chef Peter for letting me hang out in your kitchen and eat chalakiles...