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Author: Josie

Fiji Fashion 0

Fiji Fashion

I googled “How to fend off cannibals” because I’m going to Fiji next week and then I realized the cannibals live in Papua New Guinea. Totally different island. Sorry, Fiji, my bad. We’re cool,...

A Tribute To A Legend 0

A Tribute To A Legend

Guambats, don’t miss the Stevie Wonder Tribute this Tuesday night at Colors Restaurant/RED. It’s going to be a great show featuring all local musicians! And no, Stevie Wonder is not dead. He’s alive and...

Putting Out Fires 7

Putting Out Fires

Dear friends, This is my response to the news story and opinion in today’s Marianas Variety (printed story on page 4 and opinion on page 9) in regards to holding Jessica’s fundraiser “in a...